Upcoming Dates

$2 Fall Dress Down Day to benefit the senior class

Moms in Prayer is meeting this Friday in The Hub
Reach out to Sue Engle for more information: sue.engle63@gmail.com

Holly & Ivy Craft Show is quickly approaching! Be sure to join us!

The LCA Veterans Day event. There will be an assembly with invited veterans and special guests. More information is forthcoming.

Operation Christmas Child kicked off this morning during our chapel services. See below for more information.

Recent News & Updates

Operation Christmas Child

  • It is once again time for Operation Christmas Child to begin! This is a wonderful opportunity for you and your child to directly participate in the blessing of children all throughout the world.
  • This year, we have a goal of providing 400 boxes as a school to this wonderful ministry.
  • Please follow the link below for more specific instructions on how to participate

Steam Fair Kickoff for Elementary School

  • Today was the kickoff of STEAM for our elementary program. They spent time in the gym doing various science experiments including, gravity, balance, chemical reactions, and simple machines! It was a very fun morning. Be sure to ask your child about it!

Playground Update

  • Great news!! To date, we have raised $64,794 which puts us past our Phase 1 goal of $63,796. This means that we will be receiving a matching grant to be applied towards the playground!
  • LCA has been incredibly blessed by a number of individuals and business owners who have come along side of us on this initiative. Thank you…Thank you…Thank you!!
  • Going forward, we have another $28,206 to raise by the end of January in order to have everything in place for the project.
  • Please consider helping us achieve these goals by donating and/or sharing this project with others.

Basketball Coaching Needs

PLEASE READ: Special Request for Housing

  • Two of our teachers, Mr. and Mrs. Fennell are in need of immediate housing for their family. Mr. and Mrs. Fennell were previously missionaries before taking on their teaching roles here at the school. They had temporary housing accommodations set up which are coming to an end soon. A 2 bedroom apartment would be sufficient for the Fennell family.
  • If you or anyone you know might be able to accommodate this need, please contact the LCA office to discuss in further detail. THANK YOU!

Bus Driver

  • We have a wicked cool school bus for school functions. But the wicked cool school bus has no one to drive it. So, “the wheels on the bus ain’t goin’ nowhere…goin’ nowhere…goin’ nowhere.”
  • If you or someone you know might be willing to periodically drive our bus for school functions and have the appropriate credentials, please let us know!
  • CDL Class B with School Bus endorsements are required.
  • Contact the office: (610) 776-7301

Guitar Lessons

  • Grades 3-12 can receive guitar lessons at the school with professional guitarist Joe Badalamente.
  • We need two more interested families to sign up in order to have Joe come to the school each week.
  • If you are interested in signing up, please contact Joe directly at joseph.badalamente@gmail.com or 484-867-7445

The Annual Holly & Ivy Craft Show – Nov 5th

  • The Holly & Ivy Craft Show is November 5th from 7:30am to 2:00pm
  • The Holly & Ivy Craft Show is a long standing community event and we need your help to continue making it a success!
  • Sign-Up Genius’ went out via email to sign up for the various opportunities to help!
  • Volunteer clearances may be required depending on where and how you will be serving. Please contact the office to further clarify these requirements.
  • Be sure to come out for great food, crafts, and our famous sticky buns! Admission is free and we are stroller and wheelchair accessible.

Call the office for further information – God Bless!
(610) 776-7301