PIF is short for Parental Involvement Fee and is a program that was implemented at LCA over 15 years ago. It was introduced by the board of directors as a way to keep our community engaged in service and volunteerism at the school. The PIF program allows us to effectively run various events and programs throughout the school year, and is a tremendous help to our fundraising efforts at LCA.

Every year, each LCA family is responsible to work off a $400 PIF fee which they can do by volunteering time, donating goods, or simply by paying off the fee. This webpage is designed to keep you informed of the different service/donation opportunities that are available throughout the year. You can also submit receipts for any of these activities you have participated in via the upload feature below.



Birthday Blessings

We would like to invite each of you to prayerfully consider acknowledging each of our amazing staff members on their special day (or their half birthday) by choosing someone to shower with love on their birthday. You can receive up to $50 PIF when your receipt is submitted.

Lunch Room Volunteers

Please sign up to be a Lunchroom Aide and monitor the students during their lunch period.  $10/PIF awarded for every hour.  When signing up, please try to be available for the entire time slot of 10:55AM-1:30PM.  

Grocery Cards

Did you know:
When you buy grocery store gift cards from LCA, the school gets a kickback? You’re already spending the money… why not purchase the gift cards from us and help fundraise for LCA!? You also get PIF!

Book Fair

We will need volunteers to help work at the Book Fair as well as donations for the evening event. Please review the sign ups below.

Pizza Fundraiser

 Our first fundraiser will run through 10/2/23. You will receive $6 PIF for each item sold. Pick up will be the week of October 16th.  

Holly & Ivy

Our annual Holly & Ivy Craft Village is fast approaching and we need your help to make it a success! Please view the sign ups below.