Fine Arts

“We can create because our God has created.”

– Mrs. Burkit

LCA is committed to providing classes in the arts in our curriculum. Whether it be music, performing arts, or visual arts, students at LCA learn about God’s character by our Biblically- integrated program.

The visual arts program at LCA begins in preschool with an emphasis on learning the elements and principles of art consistent with the school’s Biblical worldview. Elementary art includes studies of American and European artists, art history and art appreciation.
Middle School and High School art classes are broad scope classes at the mastery level.  Teachers aim to give students access to as many kinds of media as possible, incorporating both traditional techniques as well as modern, innovative ideas.

Performing Arts

Students at LCA have the opportunity to grow and exercise musical gifts at every grade level. Our attentive and talented faculty helps each student find their song. Music education begins in Pre-kindergarten with an introduction to rhythm, tone, creating music, and singing. As students advance through elementary school, instruction includes choral singing and recorder. At the secondary level, students have the opportunity to dive deeper in electives such as choir.


We believe theatre education provides students with fundamental skills necessary for leaders in the workplace. That’s why theatre development classes and theatre performance is offered to both middle school and high school students. Students are taught the fundamentals of performing in front of an audience, theatre etiquette, technical theatre in lighting and props, and makeup and special effects.