Did you know:
When you buy grocery store gift cards from LCA, the school gets a kickback? You’re already spending the money… why not purchase the gift cards from us and help fundraise for LCA!? You also get PIF! Here are the details:

Available Gift Cards

Giant: $25, $50, $100
Weis: $10, $25, $50, $100
Wegmans: $25, $50, $100
Walmart/Sam’s: $25, $50, $100

PIF Rewards

Giant: 4% PIF
Weis: 5% PIF
Wegmans: 5% PIF
Walmart/Sam’s: 2.5% PIF

Dress Down Day Cards

For every $100 spent, your child(ren) will get a dress down day card ***Only applies to orders on the first week of each month***

How to order:

You can download the order form – OR – you can pre-order on the form below.