Lehigh Christian Academy has not adopted common core standards. Our courses are taught by teachers that are certified.  Beyond the state academic standards we endeavor to provide rigorous, Christ-centered, Biblically-integrated academics so that our students grow in the wisdom and knowledge of Jesus Christ and have a Biblical worldview.


LCA believes that a solid educational and spiritual foundation is needed for future success.


LCA holds these years to be formative in building the foundation for educational and spiritual achievement.


These years provide an opportunity to nurture students as they develop spiritually, physically and emotionally.

High School

LCA believes we should equip students with a Biblical worldview to take them where God leads them.

Bible Instruction:

Bible is a core subject at LCA. From an academic standpoint, our students take Bible from Pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade. However, God’s Word and the biblical worldview are the anchors from which we teach all subjects.

Curriculum for Bible:
Summit Ministries, Positive Action for Christ, ACSI and Bob Jones University

Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten

The foundation of all learning begins with their experiences in Pre-K and Kindergarten. Our program is rigorous and academic. Curriculum areas include Bible, language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies, as well as the development of motor and social skills. In addition, students begin classes in physical education, computer, library, Spanish, music, and art.

Elementary Academics

We believe that a solid educational foundation is needed for future academic success. We believe that Christian education is the partnership between parents and the school. Our program compels each student to be thoroughly grounded in necessary fundamentals of each core subject and we seek to maintain a high standard of academic achievement by instilling values and biblical principles. Students at LCA will take core subjects: math, social studies, science, language arts, handwriting, reading, spelling and Bible. They will take special classes in technology, music, art, library art and physical education.

Middle School Academics

At LCA, our faculty and staff partner with parents to help middle schoolers discover their security in Christ. Through attentive care, challenging curriculum, extracurricular activities in athletics and arts, and weekly biblical chapel services, your child will be equipped spiritually, academically, and socially. We provide a spiritual fall retreat and spring spiritual emphasis week that will encourage your student to dive deeper into their faith, as well as opportunities to serve. Students at LCA will take classes in mathematics, language arts, science ( earth science, life science, physical science), social studies ( US history and civics), humanities electives (chorus, theater, yearbook), and special electives of art, music, physical education and technology.

High School Academics

Lehigh Christian Academy will equip your student with a Biblical Worldview and the academics to take them where God leads them. We provide a spiritual fall retreat and spring spiritual emphasis week that will encourage your student to dive deeper into their faith, as well as opportunities to serve. Lehigh Christian Academy offers rigorous college prep courses including an honors track. During your course of study with Lehigh Christian Academy High School program, you will be fully prepared to enter into a 4 year college program, technical school or the work force.

  • Mathematics: Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus & Calculus
  • English: English 1 & 2, American Literature, British Literature
  • History: Cultural Geography, US History, World History and Government
  • Science: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Human Anatomy and Physiology and Environmental Science
  • Bible: Old Testament Studies, New Testament Studies, Biblical Worldview Studies
  • Foreign Language: Spanish and American Sign Language
    • Electives : Film Studies, Food Science, Woodworking, Automotive, Praise Band, Choir, Yearbook, Audio Visual Class, Computer Programming, Philosophy, Business Leadership, Personal Finance, Career Readiness, Senior Seminar and various other options available.

Learning Support

Learning Support provides an opportunity for students that have learning needs to be taught effectively in a christian school setting. Students that are two years behind their peers academically in language arts and math may qualify for learning support. Learning support comes along side the student and gives them the extra support they need to be successful in the classroom.

Enrichment and Clubs

In consistency with our academic beliefs and firm position “To provide a quality education that is Christ-centered,” we also offer enrichment programming for our students who have shown gifted characteristics within our accelerated curriculum.  We also offer enrichment clubs for all students with special interests in areas such as technology and theater.  The students in the enrichment program or clubs are challenged with materials that grow and expand their skills through group work and independent projects.